It's time for an update

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I've been able to write an update. It's been a busy time for us surely. I'll just touch on a few key items that have occurred in the past several months.

We did increase prices slightly to keep in line with rising food costs, it was our first increase in 4 years. If you just look at the trend of beef prices and eggs in the last few years you'll understand why we had to increase prices. That's not to mention the increase in labor costs which will be increasing more over the next several years.

We released our new menu which got rid of some slow sellers and introduced some new popular dishes such as the pumpkin curry which is a huge hit.

Our online ordering system was launched and our customers are using it at a furious pace. We want to continue this trend by offering discounts and promotions only through the online system. Taking phone calls is a tremendous burden on staff and the more we can offload the ordering process, the better they can serve and work on other things.

We are implementing a 50 cent delivery charge. The charge will go half to the person that packs the food and the other half to the driver. So delivery is no longer free, but this nominal charge will help to compensate the people that make it all possible as sometimes our drivers don't even get tipped.

Our produce has gotten very close to being farm to table. With our new suppliers we're using more organic ingredients that come straight from the central produce market.

We've made operational changes that will improve food quality. For example, one of the more common complaints was that the crispy pork was too crispy or dry. We've made changes that will improve the quality. One thing I'm adamant about is never going backwards with regards to quality. Food service suppliers tell us they can supply us with things like breaded shrimp that we just have to toss in the fryer but it never tastes as good so we still handbread the shrimp in house. We can't give away all the secrets but rest assured when we make changes it will be for the better every time.

In the coming months, you'll continue to see some more changes and we hope that you'll enjoy our evolution. Thank you again for being our valued customers!

Online ordering

We have very good news to report with regard to online ordering. Some of you may know that the restaurant is owned and operated by someone extremely tech savvy. That is the major reason why it's taken so long to launch our online ordering system -- because I simply expect more.

We could have hopped on board a 50% solution with one of those hub online ordering sites but there were a few problems. First, they charge a commission rate that would force us to raise our prices. Second, the solutions are half baked meaning they take an order online that requires a person to reinput the order into the system. So those group ordering services would not work for us. There were a few of the online ordering services which integrated with our POS system and we signed up for one of them. But they simply could not deliver and were problem prone.

Keeping our fingers crossed, we've found something that gives us the control we need and integrates with our system. We hope that it's something that can take 50% of the orders to free up our servers for other tasks. If things move at the rate they are moving now, we're going to launch within the next few weeks. But we urge you to use this system only if you can order with minimal modifications. If you could order a normal chicken pad thai with us we love you for that. But if you want to order a pad thai with no fish sauce, no egg, using spaghetti noodles and flux capacitor grilled asparagus, this online system is not for you.

Understand that when this lauches that this will be new for us. There are bound to be problems, we'd be foolish to think that it's going to go perfectly. But technically speaking, we are excited about the capabilities and hope this will work for all of us.

Small update

Just a quick update... We've added a few new beers from Uinta that are excellent -- A black IPA and their Hop-Notch IPA, both highly regarded beers brewed in Utah. Greenflash changed their distribution so we are no longer offering their beers.

I've always hesitated to offer curries to gluten-free diets but now I can absolutely confirm that our coconut base is gluten free so now this is a good option for gluten-free diets.

The best value in wines can be found at our restaurant in our ongoing $20 bottle promotion. Currently we have an amazing chardonnay from Divining Rod (Marc Mondavi). For reds we have Capezzana Monna Nera Toscana. Both $20 a bottle to make for an amazing value.

Chang Beer is always $2.50! Some people ask why we don't carry that other Thai beer. If you've ever looked at our beer selection we try to offer you the best -- We offer a unique list of beers you won't find at other Thai restaurants. In addition, the other Thai beer is not truly a beer but a malt liquor.

Still working on the website

Sorry, time has been short to update the website. Still adding menu items and pictures. There is so much to work on, so little time. Thanks for your understanding.

New website

Our old website backend was compromised. So we decided to rebuild the website from the ground up on a new backend. Pictures and menu items will start appearing soon. Please bear with us while we rebuild. In the meantime, you can download the entire menu via the link above.